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Cambridge High School Course Offerings

Cambridge High School Course Offerings: 2024-2025

When using this catalog, please remember the following:  

  • Course # indicates the computer number of the course.  
  • The term indicates the length of the course. Courses with an S (semester) term meet for one semester; those designated with Y (year) meet for the entire year. 
  • Prerequisites designate certain courses that must be completed prior to the start of the course, that certain grades must be achieved in previous courses, that the course is restricted to certain grade levels, and/or that the student must complete an application or audition to register for the course. *The Fulton County Course Placement Guidelines are also available as an additional reference.  
  • Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of college-level courses that gives high school students the opportunity to receive advanced placement and/or credit in college through successful completion of an exit examination. AP Government and AP Human Geography are the only two AP classes available for rising 9th-grade students unless you have taken the prerequisite courses. 
  • AP/Honors/Advanced class waivers will be required to override teacher recommendations in instances when a student has not met the FCS High School Placement guidelines requirements.  
  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) is for students who are 16 years of age or older in 11th or 12th grade. Please reach out to Ms. Yarrington at for more information.  
  • Virtual Classes are courses students take online, most commonly through Fulton Virtual School (FVS) or Georgia Virtual School (GAVS). Please check for the specific registration window (typically opens in March) posted on their website. You must register for BOTH the fall and spring semesters. Interested students are responsible for registering for each class on the appropriate website. CHS students can take no more than three (3) online classes each semester
  • If you are planning to take an online course, students must complete the Online Course Contract, which can be found on the school website, and submit the completed contract to your counselor by March 5, 2024. Online courses will not be approved without the submission of the completed contract.  
  • FCBOE Policy Section I - Instructional Program, Title: Grading & Reporting #IHA: Students are expected to complete courses for which they are enrolled. If changes are necessary, they should be requested in writing by the parent/guardian within the first ten (10) school days of the course. All course changes must meet the following criteria:
    1. An FTE-eligible course is available for the student space is available in an already scheduled course, and the student’s graduation requirements can be met within four years and be approved by the teacher and guidance counselor.
    2. Any parent not satisfied with the teacher and guidance counselor's decision regarding course changes may contact the principal or the student’s designee. 
    3. Students may be allowed to transfer out of a course outside the 10-day period in the event of an exceptional hardship or in response to a teacher recommendation. Failure in the course alone should not be considered an exceptional hardship. Factors that interfere with a student’s mastery of the content, such as a catastrophic event or extended illness, would be examples of exceptional hardship. Requests for exceptional hardships should be made in writing by the parent to the principal.  
  • Course Sequence-at-a-Glance should be used as a reference to learn the typical matriculation of courses in each department/pathway.  
  • Student schedules are subject to change to meet the federal and state guidelines (i.e., class size). Students should regularly check their latest schedule updates in Infinite Campus, especially at the beginning of each semester.