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Dual Enrollment


What is Dual Enrollment?

  • Dual Enrollment is a program in which a high school student takes college courses and receives both high school and college credit. Students can potentially earn up to 30 credit hours of free tuition to transfer to a college or start working towards a technical diploma/certificate from a technical college.
  • Cambridge students can participate in Dual Enrollment in the following ways:
  • Take all college courses on the college campus or online
  • Take some high school courses at Cambridge and some college courses on a college campus or online

How can I get more information on the program?

  • Detailed Information on DE is available in this section. 
  • Attend a Dual Enrollment Informational Meeting or review past session presentations found below.

What steps do I need to take to enroll in dual enrollment classes?

  • Please refer to the Dual Enrollment Process section.

Dual Enrollment Presentation: 2024-2025

Georgia Dual Enrollment Program

Georgia Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment and Selective Service Registration

All male students doing dual enrollment next year and turning 18 must meet federal Selective Service registration requirements, per Georgia state law, to get dual enrollment funding. Please register as early as 17.5 years of age or latest, by the 18th birthday at


Dual Enrollment students seeking accommodations at the college they are enrolling at must contact the Office of Student Services or the Office of Disability Services regarding accommodations. IEPs and 504’s do not transfer to college.