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Enrollment Process

Application Deadlines and Process

Important Deadlines

The deadline to apply to the Dual Enrollment college and to submit the required FCS Dual Enrollment Contract to your Cambridge Counselor:

  • Summer and Fall Semesters - March 29 (hard deadline)
  • Spring Semester - November 1

Registration for the Dual Enrollment course will be dictated by the college at which the course is being taken. Please contact the college with registration questions or issues.

Dual Enrollment Checklist

The following steps must be completed before the deadline (listed above):

1. View the Dual Enrollment presentation in the Dual Enrollment Overview. To provide step-by-step directions, download the Dual Enrollment Checklist.

2. Schedule a meeting with your Cambridge counselor a week before the deadline (listed above).

3. Complete the FCS Dual Enrollment Contract and submit it to your counselor.
Note: A Verification Letter is also required for the Auburn First DE program. Your Cambridge counselor will submit the required transcript with your verification letter. Students may also submit their transcripts through 

4. During Course Verification for next year's Cambridge classes, note the Dual Enrollment classes for both the fall and spring classes on your course verification form.

5. Complete the admission application for the college(s) you plan to attend.  Remember to use your personal email (not your FCS student email) when applying to a college. Remember to check your personal and college email or admissions account and submit any additional documents that your college requires.

6. Send your transcript to the college(s) you are attending through For more information on setting up an account with and requesting a transcript.

7. Complete the Funding Application found at and sign in to your account. Once you sign in, go to your Dual Enrollment Profile to complete the application. For instructions, view the Dual Enrollment Funding Application Tutorial by 

Once your application process is complete, the following steps are required:

8. Send official SAT/ACT scores or schedule to take the Accuplacer at GSU or GTC by the college deadline. Check with your college to see if they require test scores for admission.

9. AP test scores must be requested from

Once admission is completed:

10. Submit proof of acceptance to your counselor by the last day of the semester to avoid placement in a high school class next semester. 

11. Attend the college orientation and register for class(es).

12 a. Send a copy of your first semester (fall term) college schedule to your counselor.

12 b. Send a copy of your second semester (spring term) college schedule to your counselor.