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Talented and Gifted (TAG)


Parent/Guardian Handbook

Cambridge TAG teachers (listed alphabetically):

  • Kari Flores, TAG Dept Chair and Math
  • Anu Krishna, Math
  • Ann LeClair-Ash, World Languages
  • Sarah Rhodes, Social Studies
  • Christina Sheara, Language Arts
  • Mark Schuler, Social Studies

The high school student has a variety of options in receiving gifted services. The options are: Seminars, Independent Projects, Directed Studies, Career Internships (11th and 12th graders only), Advanced Placement (AP) Classes and College Classes.

1) Seminars: Teacher-designed courses are offered based on student interest. The objectives and activities of each seminar are clearly defined in a contract that the student signs at the beginning of the seminar. The student transcript reflects credit/non-credit. • Each seminar is guided by a contract developed by a TAG teacher and approved by local school administration and the TAG office. • The seminar contract includes documentation of meeting hours and assignments/projects requiring some work outside of the seminar to earn TAG credit for the semester. • Seminars meet once a week during advisement (starting the week of January 8) • Sign up through Microsoft forms ( ) by Tuesday, December 12. TAG seminars offered this semester (spring semester 2024) – All seminars occur once a week during advisement time Psychology in Everyday Life (Ms. Rhodes): Psychology helps us to understand ourselves and others and as such this seminar will use books, experiments, and current events to discuss psychological applications in our everyday lives. In this seminar, students will read books related to the field of psychology as well as discussing current events and some of the more famous experiments in psychology. Global & Cultural Experiences (Ms. LeClair-Ash): Are you interested in different cultures and do you want to add “Globa l Experience” to your future résumé? Students will explore the many opportunities for gaining international experience, such as study abroad, work & volunteering abroad and backpacking through different countries. We will make interdisciplinary connections with history, arts, science and technology. Logic (Ms. Krishna): Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you like to strain your brain? If so, the logic seminar might be right for you. In this seminar you will test and expand your knowledge to solve problems and puzzles through logic. You will learn how logic is the basis for the development of technology that we use every day and how using logic might open new doors to your future. Art Appreciation (Mr. Schuler): This seminar will cover select images starting from the Renaissance up to the present from the AP Art History curriculum as well as images outside of it. The goal of the seminar is to give the student a better understanding of the art and architecture around them and how they apply to their everyday life. Seminar will be organized in round-table discussion with general background on principles of art and the form, function, content, and context of the image. This seminar will give the students a stress-free seminar to see if AP Art History is for them. There will be activities and discussion that will go along with this seminar. Fall semester will cover images and movement prior to the Renaissance and the spring semester will cover movements from the Renaissance through global contemporary art. Attendance, engagement, and an open mind are the only requirements for this seminar. Reach out to Mr. Schuler for any questions. Hire Me (Ms. Flores): ONLY for 10th, 11th and 12th graders Are you interested in getting some real world experience? Do you want to start applying your knowledge in a real world setting? Do you really want to know what a career field is like before you invest in four years of a college education? If you answered yes to any of these, then a TAG Internship might be right for you. This is the pre-requisite seminar to a TAG Internship. In Hire Me you will research careers, develop a resume and cover letter, practice interviewing skills and learn about the working world. 2) Directed Studies: The student conducts extensive research in a particular academic area or completes a course from the Fulton County curriculum that is not offered that semester. It is a daily class and the transcript reflects a numeric grade in addition to the TAG credit earned. • Each directed study is guided by a contract developed by the student and TAG teacher and approved by the TAG office. • The developed contract includes standards, at least 12 gradable experiences, percentage of course grade assigned to each experience, and due dates. 3) Career Internships: (11th and 12th grades only). Businesses provide the student with the opportunity to work with professionals in a field he or she is considering as a career. The student leaves school for one or two periods a day. The transcript reflects a numeric grade for this course in addition to the TAG credit earned. (Career Internships require a prerequisite seminar called “Hire Me”). • Each internship is guided by a contract • The students must maintain a business plan, time sheets, on-site evaluations 4) Advanced Placement Courses: These college level courses meet daily and prepare the student for the College Board Advanced Placement exam. The transcript reflects a numeric grade for these courses in addition to the TAG credit earned. 5) College courses: There are college level courses taught at Cambridge (College English, Georgia Tech Calculus, etc.) which can count for TAG credit. There are also joint enrollment courses that are taught at a nearby college or university which will fulfill TAG credit. Online college classes (some incur additional cost) can also be taken and will earn TAG credit. The transcript reflects a numeric grade for these courses in addition to the TAG credit earned. 6) Independent Projects: If no other option works for your student (ex: takes most/ all courses online, has other meetings during B2 time, etc.) then this option could work to earn TAG credit. It is similar to a seminar in that the student will meet with one of the TAG teachers to develop a contract, and then work independently (on their own) to complete the project. The student and TAG teacher may meet weekly, twice a month, or some other predetermined number of times each semester. The student will earn TAG credit upon completion of the project. • Each Independent project is guided by a contract developed by student and TAG teacher • The student must meet with the TAG teacher to show development of project on a regular basis (as determined and agreed upon by student and TAG teacher) • The student must present complete project by due date to earn TAG credit for the semester. • Sign up through Microsoft forms ( ) by Tuesday, December