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Virtual Courses

Online Courses at Cambridge High School

Students are limited to taking 1.5 total credits (3 semester courses) per semester as part of their course load. Students may add additional online courses beyond their six (6) total classes of the school day at the student's cost.

Students must have completed the "Cambridge Contract for Online Classes" as part of the Course Verification process. Counselors will review the contract, and approval status will be emailed to the student email addresses noted on the contract. If approved, students can proceed with the FVS course registration process. For questions, please contact your counselor.

How to Register for an Online Class

Students must turn in the Online Course Contract in order for the courses to be approved by the counselor.

 You must register for the class for it to appear in the FVS or GAVS portal. Counselors will then approve the course.

Steps to register for Fulton Virtual:

1.      Go to ClassLink, and open Campus Student

2.      In the Menu, select More, then select VECTOR Course Request

3.      Click “Request Course” on the side column.

4.      If it is a one semester-long course, Pick S1 (for fall) or S2 (for spring), and then select the class name.

5.      For a year-long class, select “A” for S1 and “B” for S2. Register for both.

For example: If you need a year-long course such as US History, then please select FVS US History A for S1. For S2, you will pick FVS US History B.

Steps to register for Georgia Virtual:

1.      Registration begins on the GAVS website

2.      Create an account

3.      Request a course

4.      Click on Request a Course on the side column.

5.      Pick Fall term and then the class.


  • A at the end of the course name means semester 1 and B at the end of the course name means semester 2. For example, if you need US History, then please select US History A for fall term. Spring term, you will pick US History B.
  • If taking a yearlong class, please go ahead the repeat the process for spring term and request the B portion of the class.
  • If you have questions, please contact your counselor or visit Bridge West.

Virtual Course Catalogs and Resources

Fulton Virtual (FVS)

Course catalog and resources


Georgia Virtual (GAVS)

Course catalog and resources




Changes to 2024-2025 Online Course Requirements