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Chages to Virtual Courses for 2024-2025

Sent to Families January 26, 2024

It’s that time of the year when we start choosing courses for the next school year.  Today, I want to specifically address signing up for virtual courses as some procedures at Cambridge will be changing.  In the fall of 2024, Cambridge will be mirroring the process already in place at both Alpharetta and Milton High Schools regarding virtual classes.  We will place virtual classes at the beginning or end of student schedules (first and/or last period(s) - depending on the number of virtual classes you are taking).  This allows for safe supervision of students coming on and off campus and alleviates the need for students to leave campus in the middle of the day.  To facilitate this change, students who wish to take a virtual class must commit to taking the class at home.  We will no longer be hosting a virtual lab on campus, and students will no longer be hosted in the media center for virtual classes.  As students will no longer be on campus for virtual classes, it will be the responsibility of the student’s family to provide transportation to and/or from school.  Parking will not be given to students based on their virtual, dual enrollment, senior reduction, or work-based learning periods in their schedules.  Although we will block virtual classes at the beginning or end of the school day, we cannot guarantee whether a student receives virtual at a specific time in their schedule.  Families must plan accordingly for transportation in the event they choose one of these options for next year.  Seniors are the only students guaranteed parking on campus.  Students loitering on campus during a virtual period may face loss of the virtual class and/or disciplinary consequences. If a family can provide transportation and wishes to enroll in a virtual course, the student must do so during the general course registration period.  Attempting to register for an online course outside of the designated window will not be permitted.  The deadline for registration is April 12, 2024. Course registration forms will be given to students on February 6th.  Information on course registration is already available on our website.  A reminder that students may take 3 virtual classes in their schedule (should they be able to provide their own transportation).  There are many deadlines throughout the process, but I want to reiterate that the deadline for signing up for virtual classes is April 12, 2024.  We will not place a student in an online course after this deadline.  Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we gear up for the 2024 – 2025 school year.  The changes outlined above should help students, staff, and teachers navigate the school year more efficiently.  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS! Sincerely,

Ashley Agans, Proud Principal of Cambridge High School