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Personal Fitness Waiver

Students in grades 9th to 11th can apply to waive the required graduation requirement of Personal Fitness class by meeting the criteria listed below and then filling out a Personal Waiver Form. The form needs to be submitted by the end of 11th grade.

Failure to submit the form by the last day of the 11th-grade year will result in the student being required to take the Personal Fitness class senior year.

Criteria for Personal Fitness Waiver:

  • A student has completed one entire season of a GHSA sport (excludes One Act Play, Literary Competitions, and Esports) OR
  • A student has completed one full season of a non-GHSA sport
  • A student has completed one season of Marching Band
  • A student has earned 0.5 credit in Dance, Cirque, or Physical Education elective class

Non-GHSA sports must have a clear start and end date, a defined practice schedule, involve physical activity, and include a record of participation.  Program sponsors must provide documentation ensuring that a student has completed the above requirements in good standing.

To receive the Personal Fitness Waiver, students must get a form from Bridge West or download it from our website to have their Coach or Director complete it and get a parent/guardian signature.  The student must complete the online "Personal Fitness Waiver Request Form" and turn in a hard-copy "Verification of Participation" form (with necessary signatures) to the Bridge West office. 


Verification of Participation Form