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Attendance Guidelines

Cambridge Attendance Office

Parents/guardians and students can reach the attendance office at:


Checking In and Out

Once on campus, students may not leave without checking out through the attendance office. If students are not in school for the full day and come on campus for any reason, they must check in and out of school. students who do not check out at the Attendance Office are considered to have skipped the class(es) they missed. Not having a record that the student checked out of the building is a safety issue.  

Illness at School

Students who do not attend class due to illness at school must report to the clinic immediately. Students who spend an entire class period in the bathroom due to illness should report to the clinic to be checked before returning to class. Failure to do so constitutes skipping class.

Appointments / Pre-arranged Check-out

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to provide students with a note giving a check-out time, reason, and contact information that is turned into the Attendance Office at the beginning of the school day (regardless of the check-out time). At that time, the student will be given a hall pass that allows them to leave their classroom (or designated area) without interrupting the class when it is time to check out. The student must bring the hall pass to the Attendance Office and check out formally at the kiosk.

If the student forgets the written note, the parent/guardian can email the attendance office at providing the same information, and the hall pass will be sent to the student. Please allow the Attendance Office time to receive and process these requests. For your student's safety, phone calls for check-out cannot be accepted; the request must be in writing.

Walk-up Check-outs

When it is necessary to check out your student without making arrangements at the beginning of the day, you must come into the school. You will be required to show a photo ID, and only contacts on your student's emergency list in Infinite Campus may check out your student. We do not interrupt classes to call into the class to request a check-out. A check-out hall pass is delivered to your student. Once they receive the check-out hall pass, the student must check out at the attendance office kiosk. This process can take up to 30 minutes. Note:

  • There will be no check-outs after 3:00 pm.
  • Due to lunches, there will be no walk-in check-outs during 4th period.
  • Please plan so that a student can obtain a check-out note in the morning from the attendance office. This will ensure a student has a pass to exit the cafeteria and check out during lunch.


Checking Out Before Holidays

Check-out before major holidays (the day before Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, or Summer Break) must be done in person by the parent or guardian. Students cannot leave campus without a parent or guardian present.

School Activity Check-outs

In order to participate in a field trip, school activity, or athletic event, students must have a record of regular school attendance. Students with excessive absences or tardies (for example, five or more absences or five or more tardies per semester) or who are at risk of failing a class may forfeit the opportunity to participate. By GHSA rule, students must be at school for at least half of the school day in order to participate in an athletic practice or competition.

Checking In

When students return from an appointment or are late (tardy) to school, they must check in at the Attendance Office. Any parent or doctor’s notes should be turned in, and a pass to class will be given by the Attendance Office or the kiosk. Students who do not check-in will continue to be counted absent for the day.