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Dismissals During School Day

Virtual Classes & Dual Enrollment

Students are expected to be on campus for all periods of the day. Students who are enrolled in a FVS or GAVS class at the beginning of the day (first period) or at the end of the day (sixth period) may come to campus late or leave campus early. If a virtual class is between classes on campus, the student must report to the virtual lab, room 2.107, to take their online course.

No students will be allowed off campus during the school day without the proper check-out procedure. A virtual class does not give a student permission to leave campus during the regular school day.

Dual enrollment courses are taken at the local college or online. Students are allowed to leave campus to attend an in-person college course. Online dual enrollment courses taken in the middle of the school day (between Cambridge classes) must be taken in virtual lab 2.107.

Students will have stickers on their IDs illustrating the class periods they are allowed to be off campus for virtual or dual enrollment classes.

Vocational Program Dismissal

Students in vocational programs must leave the campus upon dismissal from classes. Students who fail to abide by this rule will be given one warning. On the second offense, they may be assigned to a study period and will forfeit their early release.

Dexter Mosley Students

Students attending under the Dexter Mosley Act must arrive on campus immediately before their class(es) and leave campus immediately after their class(es). Students may return to School after dismissal for club and athletic participation.