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Pre Approved Absences

Approval Process

At all grade levels, pre-approved absences are granted as excused absences. Arrangements must be made with the school at least three days before the planned absence. According to Fulton County Schools Board policy, pre-approved absences that last more than ten consecutive days will be required to withdraw from School and re-enroll upon return. Pre-approved absences will not be granted in the final two weeks of each semester. The final decision for approving the absence rests with the principal.

A parent note (with signature) to request a pre-approved absence should be given to the Attendance Office. If the administrator approves the absence, the student will be given a form for each teacher to sign prior to the absence. When getting the form signed by teachers, students may request work to be missed during the absence.

Note: Students traveling outside of the continental United States will not have access to the school network. Students are required to make up any missing work, including tests, quizzes, and projects, upon return to School.

Pre-approved absence forms can be found below.

College Visits

Seniors and Juniors planning to attend college may take up to six visitation days before May 1. No college visitation days will be granted during the final three weeks of each semester. The pre-approved absence policy applies to college visits. Parent notes requesting pre-approved college visits should be given to the attendance office at least three days prior to the visit. A pre-approved absence form will need to be completed by the student and his/her teachers.


Pre Approved Absence Form