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B2 Options

B2 Options by Week

 We are now settled into our routine and into the new school year.  At this point, we are finding students who need support options during B² and students who would rather use B² for independent study or enrichment.  So, starting 9/11/23, we will be offering students choice, Monday through Thursday, during B².  Students will have the opportunity to get help in a class, play basketball in the AUX gym, read in the Media Center, have a quiet study hall, practice in performing arts, or go to a club meeting…just to name a few.  See our Offerings for the next four weeks below.  On Fridays, all students will go to TAG Seminar or their normal B² teacher for SSS Lessons and to view the weekly Bridge show. 

So, Bears, here are the rules:

  1. Monday through Thursday you will not report to B² but instead report to one of the options in the following Offerings table attached.
  2. Some offerings are limited based on ability to supervise or space. If a space is full, you may be sent to find another offering with space.
  3. The Cafeteria will be for students who wish to study together or need to talk.
  4. The Theatre will be an area for students who wish to study quietly. If you are talking in the theatre, you will be dismissed to go to the Cafeteria. 
  5. If you do not do well with crowds, we have three “small setting” study halls available. Please do not use this option unless you have an issue with crowds – these spaces are limited.  The “small setting” study halls are for quiet study only.  So, if you are talking, you will be dismissed to go to the Cafeteria.
  6. Rehearsal and work time for Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Theatre, Art, and CTAE Clubs are available only in certain weeks – please go to spaces indicated when open. Space is limited.
  7. NO Eating, Drinking allowed during B² at any time. Our custodians do not have the ability to get to all these locations while also setting up and cleaning up bathrooms and lunches. 
  8. Students will be directed to find a location quickly. Students are not allowed to loiter in the hallways or bathrooms and will be directed to the nearest B² location with space available.  Any students found in the hallways or bathrooms after the bell rings will be escorted to the nearest available B² location and will forfeit ability to choose a location for the week.
  9. All students must hit the QR attendance code in their B² location and check in for attendance.
    1. There will be NO WALK-UP CHECKOUTS during B².
    2. Only students who bring a note in the morning to the Attendance Office will be given a Check Out Permission Slip and will be allowed to go to the kiosk to check out during B².
  10. All rules regarding skipping and leaving campus without permission are in place during B². Students found exiting or entering campus without permission will receive discipline consequences.

Other clubs and teams may offer exclusive meeting times over certain weeks – make sure you are on communication channels (like Remind or Teams) with Coaches, Sponsors or Club/Team Leadership to receive information on when and where those meetings may take place over the four weeks.  B² is supposed to be a time to get help, enrichment, or a much-needed break in our school day.  We hope that this change in pace gives everyone an opportunity to get what they need out of this time. 

CHS Counseling will be hosting two small groups during B2 this Fall. One group will focus on general coping skills, and one on assessment anxiety. If you are interested in one of these groups, please email Ms. Meredith at