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Applying to College

Applying to College Presentation

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Seniors: Frequently Asked Questions

For reference: FAQ from 2023-2024 SY
Cambridge Counseling

  • If I am sending a weighted transcript to all Common App colleges but want the unweighted transcript sent to UGA only, how would I do that?

    Per UGA, Fulton County you the student can upload your unweighted transcript through your admissions portal after you have applied. Check with UGA before deciding which transcript benefits you. UGA only adds extra weight to AP and IB course and not honors and DE college classes (please note this response was updated on 8/31/2023 after speaking with UGA and is different from what was shared in the Senior Meeting).
  • Do I have to request transcripts from each Dual Enrollment college, or are they included on the Cambridge transcript?

    DE course completed are included on the Cambridge transcript. You will need to work with your DE college to send an official college transcript to the college you will attend in May.
  • How do I request a letter of recommendation from someone who is not a teacher?

    In Common App, you can enter the non-teacher as a recommender. The recommenders name and email address will need to be entered in your Recommenders section. If using other portals, refer to the recommender’s instructions by that college.
  • Is there a specific form for requesting transcripts?

    No. Common App and Coalition require the student to enter the high school counselor’s name and email address. This prompts your counselor to complete the school form, upload the transcript and complete a recommendation letter (if needed). 

    Non-Common App or non-Coalition colleges, please request the transcript in Scriborder.
  • How is the SAT super scored?

    Colleges super score when multiple test scores from different test dates are submitted to them. Colleges that use this policy will pick the highest test section scores across different test dates, thus giving the student the highest score. Please send all test scores to colleges through the testing agency (SAT and/or ACT).
  • When will SAT be offered for seniors at CHS?

    The SAT will be administered at Cambridge High School to interested Seniors on Thursday, October 26, 2023. Seniors wanting to take the exam must sign up with Cambridge by 12:00 pm, September 8, to have an exam ordered. SAT 2023-2024 Sign Up – Sign up by clicking on the link.
  • I went to multiple high schools (private or public) prior to Cambridge, do I need to request that school’s official transcript?

    The previous schools' classes and grades will show on Cambridge transcript. However, it may be beneficial to send transcripts from those prior schools, especially if grading/weight was different (weighted GPA vs. weighted final grade). Email your school counselor to discuss.
  • How do I send the transcript to NCAA?

    Request it using Scriborder.
  • How do I send an unofficial transcript to a college? 

    Unofficial transcripts are available under "Documents" in the Infinite Campus Student or Parent Portal. Students can download and email it to the Admissions Office or upload to their college admission portal. 
  •  I want an unweighted official transcript to be sent to a college. What form do I need to complete?

    Seniors and parents/guardians who choose to have an unweighted transcript sent to colleges must complete the decloration form. If this form is not received by the due date of 9/15/2023, the default weighted transcript will be sent to colleges. Paper copies of the form are available in Bridge West for pick up or at Transcript Request Choice Declaration.  
  • What information does my counselor need to submit any documents or write a recommendation letter for me?

    All seniors need to submit a Your Senior Biography Sheet no later than September 15, 2023. 

Senior Biography and Parent Response Form

The responsibility of our counselors in preparing the Secondary School Report or letter of recommendation for colleges and universities is to provide a summary of a senior's achievements beyond the academic record. Conveying unique qualities and potential for growth is not an easy task. Therefore, counselors would appreciate seniors giving an honest estimation of themselves in regard to what they have done and what they have left to do, both in and outside of school. This form should be typed or printed neatly in the space provided. Please attach additional sheets if needed. Please return the completed form to the Bridge West office.

In addition, parents and guardians are invited to provide information that can help staff in writing letters of recommendation and filling out college forms. Completing this form is optional. Please email the completed form to your student's counselor, or a hard copy can be left in Bridge West.

Senior Biography

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Parent/Guardian Response Form

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