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Senior Parking

Parking Information and Instructions

Parking on Campus

Seniors have the privilege of parking on campus during the school day in designated areas. The main Senior parking lot is at the rear of the building behind the bus lanes. Additional Senior parking is available at the CAVE and the stadium. Students are not permitted to park in the lot in front of the building during the school day as faculty/staff, visitors, and substitute teachers have reserved parking spaces in that area. Parking on campus, for Seniors, is only available through an application/approval/permit process.

Parking Application Submission and Approval Process

Applications for senior (only) parking are now being accepted. The junior parking lottery will open once all senior requests for parking have been filled.

Step 1 Review the Senior Parking 2024-2025 information found on this page. Your review of this is acknowledged during the application process.

Step 2 Take pictures of your valid Driver’s License (no Learner’s Permits accepted) and current insurance card listing the insurance company and the vehicle(s) you will park on campus. These pictures will be uploaded to the application. 

Step 3 Use your student account to fill out the online application. You may accomplish this by going to the Fulton Schools website and clicking on ClassLink. “Sign in to ClassLink” using your student login credentials and select the Cambridge High School website from ClassLink. Navigate to this section on the website. 

New Students (Seniors only) – if you are unable to access ClassLink, please contact Mrs. Weatherford at

Step 4 Complete the online application found below. Please note, all school fines must be paid to receive approval and be issued a permit. Once you have submitted the application, please wait for an approval email from Mrs. Weatherford which will include payment instructions. 

Step 5 Once approved you will receive a ‘parking application approved’ email from that includes a unique OSP link to pay your $100 fee for parking. (Usually within 2-3 business days).     

Step 6 Make your OSP parking fee payment and print your receipt.

Step 7 Bring your receipt and driver’s license to the Open House on Thursday August 1, 2024, to receive your parking permit. Parking permits will only be issued to the Senior applicant or their parent/guardian. After this date, parking permits will be available in the Bridge East Front Office on presentation of receipt and driver’s license. 

Parking Rules/Requirements for Seniors parking on campus 

Seniors parking on campus must:

  • Display their parking permit in front windshield 
  • Park only in their designated parking space (this includes when reporting for any morning workouts) 

  • Follow all rules regarding traffic on campus and all disciplinary expectations set out in the Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Handbook 

  • Park in ‘visitor parking’ at the front of school if their ‘permitted’ space is occupied by another vehicle. You should record the make/model and tag number of the unauthorized vehicle and report that information to the front office, after parking in a visitor space, and prior to reporting to class 

  • Take everything from the vehicle that is needed for the day. Students are not permitted to return to their vehicle during the day without administrative approval 

  • No transfer permits or allowing another student to use their space at any time 

  • Notify administration of any vehicle changes 

  • Be aware that school officials may search a student’s car if they have reasonable suspicion that a student is in possession of items including, but not limited to, drugs, weapons, or alcohol 

Violations of Parking Rules and Requirements 

Senior parking on campus is a privilege. Students are expected to follow all rules in the Fulton County Schools Code of Conduct & Discipline Handbook. Seniors should be aware that any violation of rules and requirements may result in their vehicle being stickered ($75 fee) and/or suspension of their parking permit. Based on the rule infraction(s), other Code of Discipline consequences may also be assigned. 

Examples of violations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Giving false information and/or falsely registering a vehicle 

  • Speeding on campus, speed limit is 15 miles per hour 

  • Driving recklessly so as to endanger life or property 

  • Parking an automobile on campus without a parking tag 

  • Parking in areas that are hazardous, such as entrances, exits, fire lanes (red curbs), bus zones, yellow curbs, on the grass/mulch, or in such a manner as to impede traffic 

  • Violation of county, state, or federal law 

  • Parking on campus without permission 

  • Loitering or visiting in the parking lot during school hours 

  • Not wearing a seat belt while driving on campus 

Leaving Campus Without Permission 

Students are to remain on campus for the duration of their classes and not leave without permission of a parent AND a school principal or designee (see FCS Code of Discipline Handbook Rule 12b- II). Unauthorized departures from campus, especially during lunchtime, will result in the following:

Parking Violation Consequences

 On suspension of parking privileges, the parking permit must be surrendered to the Bridge East Front Office for the duration of the suspension. Any violations of a parking suspension will result in further disciplinary action. 


  • Cambridge High School is not responsible for situations (accidents, theft, etc.) that may occur in the parking lot. 
  • There is a $5.00 fee to replace lost or misplaced parking tags. 
  • Parking fees are non – refundable. 
  • Students in receipt of a parking permit should keep these pages for reference. 

Parking Application

2024 - 2025 Parking Application

Users must be signed into the student's FCS account to complete the application. See Step 3 above for more information.