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Certificate of Enrollment and ADAP Replacement (for DDS)

Required Documents for DDS (Driver License and Learner Permits)

Certificate of Enrollment forms for either a Learner's Permit or License can be requested by completing the form below. Please allow 48 hours for the certificate to be certified and notarized. Please be aware that Certificates of Enrollment are only valid for 30 days once they have been certified and notarized.

ADAP certificates are issued as part of a student's Health class. ADAP replacement certificates can be obtained only if the Health class was taken on campus at Cambridge High School, by a Cambridge teacher. Students taking Health at another school or online (FVS) will need to contact the school where Health was taken to obtain a replacement.

When your requested form is ready for pick up, you will be contacted via the contact email on your request form. The form will be placed in a sealed envelope with the student's name on it in a container marked "Certificate of Enrollment," by the front door.

Request a Certificate of Enrollment and ADAP ement