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From the message from Ms. Agans - September 8, 2023

Starting September 11, administrators will issue consequences for those who are not following the school rules and wearing their student ID on their lanyards while in the building.

  • Please know that this is a safety issue for the school. If your child should need medical assistance outside of their classroom, the student ID helps us get valuable medical information to render aid. If all students are wearing their IDs, we can immediately spot an intruder in the building. Finally, IDs will continue to be important as the SGC discusses possible off-campus privileges for our seniors.
  • Parents, please make sure your child is wearing their ID every morning. Please help us to keep the building and our students, staff, and teachers safe.
  • Administrators will begin random checks in the hallways and begin issuing detention for those who are not wearing their IDs (Rule 7aI in the Discipline Code – Failure to Follow Rules).
  • Students who have lost their ID are not immune to discipline and should go to the front office to request a replacement.